The web log of the secular monastery project

This is intended to be a serious record of economic and technical practices that individuals can use to promote free scholarship and critical inquiry in their present or future communities.

It is hoped that first-time contributors will propose their own detailed, pragmatic models for an actual community designed to promote these activities, addressing, if appropriate:

  • location, facilities
  • duration; seasonality
  • routine
  • scale, scope
  • relation to technologies
  • funding
  • membership
  • legal structure
  • comparison with existing institutions

Non-novel debate concerning the basic merits of the secular monastery project is somewhat discouraged: The opposition already amply pervades ordinary life, while general support of the concept is assumed and therefore not considered a valuable contribution.

Debate on the merits of specific proposals is strongly encouraged!


To post here:

  1. Make a GitHub account.
  2. Tell the site administrator your username.
  3. Clone the organization repository to your GitHub account, or to your own computer using git.
  4. Write your article in plain text or markdown and save it to the _posts folder of the clone. Copy the date-title name format.